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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much do you charge for trimming trees?
A. Every job is different therefore we have to evaluate each job before
     providing a price.

Q. Does your company give free estimates?
A. Absolutely, there is never a charge for an estimate.

Q. Do you haul away what you trim?
A. In the city of Victoria tree trimmers and landscapers are required to haul
     away. In other towns it depends on their policies.  

Q. Are you insured?
A. Yes, we are insured.

Q. Do you provide a written contract?
A. We provide a written contract upon customer's request.

Q. Do you treat or paint the cut after a limb has been removed?
A. We treat a cut upon customer request. Wound paint or wound dressing 
     is a grey area because it actually prevents the tree from healing properly,
     but on the other hand it may prevent the spread of disease from tree to
     tree by insects.


    Our Services

    Established in 1999 by Sal Perez and Isabel Pena, Sal's Tree Trimming was formed to provide professional, courteous, and respectful services that our customers would appreciate. We provide quality and insured tree trimming services for our customers.


    Contact us
    Sal's Tree Trimming
    2403 E. Brazos
    Victoria, Texas 77901
    361-576-3788 (fax)